Whole Body Vibration for Fat Disorders

Whole Body Vibration for Fat Disorders

There are a variety of Fat Disorders and unlike we have been raised to believe, restricting calories, and working out does not always have a significant impact.

Two disorders I will review today are Lipedema and Dercum’s Disease and why whole body vibration is a viable activity and even treatment for many of the symptoms associated with these fat disorders.

Lipedema is thought of as a congenital fatty enlargement of the legs almost exclusively seen in women by the third decade; very few cases have been reported in men. It’s estimated that approximately 11% of women in the USA have this condition.  Lipedema is always accompanied by a dynamic insufficiency of the lymphatic system. Fat Disorders expert and researcher Dr Karen Herbst of lipomadoc.org believes that there is a problem in both lymphatics and blood vessels.

Dercum’s|Disease is a syndrome of painful growths in subcutaneous fat. The fatty growths can occur anywhere in subcutaneous fat from scalp to plantar surface of the foot, are unencapsulated, soft, sometimes occurring as small nodules, and other times are difficult to remove in entirety because of their expansive growth.

The Fat Disorders Research Society states “Vibration machines can be an ideal way to gently exercise your muscles so that you gain strength and tone without putting stress on your joints. Vibration machines improve lymphatic flow, blood flow, muscle tone and bone mass, which is paramount for anyone with a fat disorder.”

Weight gain, pain, poor lymphatics, and circulation are common with these disorders. This is where whole body vibration can be a game changer for those suffering with the symptoms associated with these conditions. As a low impact activity it is easily tolerated. It can be performed several times daily in short bouts to boost lymph & circulation, manage pain and stiffness, increase energy, aid in detoxification and much more.

Long term whole body vibration can help with managing weight, gaining strength, increasing bone density as well as improve balance and stability. There are a number of proven benefits associated with using vibration machines and depending on you current physical condition, modifications can be made so that almost anyone can use and progress with this technology.

Dr Karen Herbst uses and recommends whole body vibration as a easy form of exercise and due to it’s incredible capacity to move lymph and boost circulation. She was kind enough to spend some time with me explaining her work and explain what these fat disorders are and how vibration machines can help in so many ways.

Enjoy our Q & A with Dr Karen Herbst https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GmkDY3fQ8g

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