Whole Body Vibration Can Boost Effects of Other Treatments

Whole Body Vibration Can Boost Effects of Other Treatments

Want to ramp up your results? Whole Body Vibration (WBV) has the potential to better prepare the body and make it more receptive to other treatments whether it’s a massage, sauna, even Botox or stem cells injections. It has the potential to offer a better outcome and accelerate the effects of other treatments.

Think of WBV as a catalyst, a short 3-5 min session before and/or after other treatments can provide several benefits for clients and staff. Increased circulation and lymph, oxygenates the blood, manages pain, anxiety, improves energy and mental clarity.

A great way for staff to start their day at the office or as a pre-treatment to a variety of procedures. WBV  offers a world of benefits and will leave both colleagues and clients feeling more relaxed and at ease. It can make a traditional massage more effective with massage therapists often having to spend less physical time on clients if incorporating prior.

As a post-treatment it can accelerate recovery, detoxification, absorption, further the circulation and lymph and leave your clients feeling revitalized and recharged. Post surgery it offers an ultra low impact activity that can be performed several times daily in short sessions as needed to manage pain, fatigue and more.

There are a variety of ways to use a vibration machine to compliment your other services. We are available to provide appropriate programs for your use once we better understand what other services your business offers. Contact us for a consultation.


Debby Pelletier


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