Whole Body Vibration technology has been hijacked by cheap knock-offs!

Without learning this critical information, the chances that you will buy a fake machine are



If you want a vibration machine to help you lose weight, get stronger, feel better, and move easier, then you need a real machine that works!

Here are the facts:

  • Whole Body Vibration emerged from Europe in the mid-nineties and today there are hundreds of studies on the technology.

  • Less than 2% of machines sold today are found in those studies and more than 90% of scientifically proven machines are professional products that cost more than $5,000.

  • The specifications noted in scientific research of having the most importance are rarely advertised and are often faked or downplayed.

  • Home use machines rarely have the same specifications as the professional scientifically proven products.

  • Cheap, private labelled imports, are not the same as the real technology!


Here is an example of how this works, and how careful you have to be regarding who you trust.

Below is a listing for a dual mode vibration machine on the Chinese Business to Business website, alibaba.com


For an investment as small as 10 pieces of this product, and within as little as a few months, you can create your own label, attach it to the machine, create a website, and position yourself and your brand as an expert in Whole Body Vibration.

Here is an example from the USA of what happens when these start to arrive in your country.





Advertised G force: 12.4g

Advertised G force: +15g


Advertised G force: 4.8g

Quote: Vmax Fitness continues to innovate and advance Whole Body Vibration technologies

Quote: These aren’t just cheap products that you buy from China.  You buy them in large quantities and sell them for a highly marked   up price. We bet our lives on this, we put everything we had into designing these machines and then producing them.

Quote: “We manufacture our own product called the Vibe Trainer Pro”

Quote: many of our awards are from the engineering community. They have praised us for the advancements we have made in the manufacturing process in our factories.


If you read my story, you will know that I started working with T Zone in Canada many years ago. I watched over the years as that company released new models, each time increasing the price, and making mostly small cosmetic changes to the original machine, which is still sold today under the name Crazy Fit Massage and priced at just a couple of hundred dollars on sites like eBay. This machine made its way into the USA, and was rebranded under the name Goga, attached to a studio concept called Goga Studios. A name change was made to Zaaz and Zaaz studios, and then this concept (like the studio concept in Canada) soon failed. Today Zaaz is mostly sold in Costco and Sam’s Club, where unsuspecting buyers pay 10 times the amount of a Crazy Fit, and end up with a machine with the same vibration specifications. If you were blindfolded and stood on a Crazy Fit and Zaaz machine, you would not notice the difference and neither would your body.

Here is an image that really puts it into perspective.