Vibration Machines Ideal Equipment for Small Spaces

Vibration Machines Ideal Equipment for Small Spaces

I hear from a lot of clients about how to use their machine in a small space and still get a good workout. Not everyone has lots of living space let alone a dedicated workout room.  Maybe you are a business adding vibration and have limited real estate for a new service. Perhaps you are dealing with medical issues and simply want close access to your machine so you can use it throughout the day.

I’ve installed vibration machines beside nightstands, kitchen islands, in front of a bathroom vanity, tiny little office break rooms, I’ve even put machines into RVs on more than one occasion. You can get more done in less time and in less space on a vibration machine, a big plus for many. A vibration machine doesn’t require the same amount real estate that a treadmill or universal gym may.

There are several ways to use your machine without the floor space needed for a bunch of exotic positions. The beauty of having a proper vibration machine is that you can mix up settings from week to week giving you a way to progress even if you are using similar poses in your routine.

Remember that a vibration machine is simply an environment, one that increases effectiveness and dramatically reduces time you need to spend performing a position. Get creative and try any floor-based exercise you may be doing now! Keeping your positions simple and your workouts short is an easy way to get into a regular routine and stick with it. Try to focus in good posture and breathing too.

Here’s 3 position ideas for tight spaces:

1) Squats- using the biggest group of muscles in your body squats are great for helping boost the metabolism & burn calories! Oxygenates the blood & boost energy levels. Add some hand weights or resistance bands to incorporate upper body at the same time!

2) Pelvic Tilts – A variation of a light squat, this exercise improves range of motion, posture & overall core strength. Reduces low back & hip pain. Great way to balance all that sitting!

3) Low Back Stance – This pose targets the low back, spine, shoulders & even your neck. Lots of variations that target different areas to address your specific trouble spots. You can perform this just for a minute or two as needed to relief back pain and fatigue.

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Deb Pelletier

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