Vibration Machines for Sports Performance

Vibration Machines for Sports Performance

I have talked a lot in past articles about the benefits a vibration machine can offer. Today I want to talk to our athletes, the trainers, the club owners and the coaches about how adding whole body vibration (WBV) to your training regime can enhance sports performance as well as accelerate recovery.

Many vibration plate manufacturers promote their tech being used by with celebrity athletes and professional sports clubs. Some even advertised a long list of names. Many athletes do use whole body vibration but not necessarily the one being sold at the mall.

The appeal of these machines is growing in athletic circles.  Injury prevention, gain strength & endurance faster, improve balance and flexibility, boost energy and mental clarity along with expediting recovery times. A proper vibration plate can offer all the benefits with the big advantage of taking less time that traditional methods.

I’ve discussed how whole body vibration can Enhance the Effects of Other Treatments, for an athletic training program it can ramp up your results and be an ideal compliment to any training regime.

Scientific studies have shown that Vibration Training can maximize muscle stimulation while minimizing fatigue. WBV administered in 5 1-minute bouts, followed by 5 minutes of rest and then another vibration session, at 11G’s of force, was shown to increase muscle power by 20%, decrease cortisol levels by 32%, and to increase HGH levels by 360%!

Many of my aging athletes find the recovery aspects have them returning to sports again, often addressing old issues that have kept them from away. Joints feel better, pain and swelling are reduced, and overall energy and stamina improves.

I personally have gone almost 20 years now from a diagnosis of a partial knee replacement. Deb Pelletier on a Hypervibe PerformanceNever did get the surgery but am down 50lbs now from where I was when I was 30 (This year I’ll be 48) I play all my sports, roll in the grass with my kids and if there are any post play issues a massage on my vibe machine is always the ideal treatment.

If you want to know more about how whole body vibration can improve how you play your sport or are looking for a custom program for your machine, reach out to me for additional support.

Play safe and stay healthy out there.

Deb Pelletier

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