Vibration Machine Frequency – NOT Speeds or Levels

Vibration Machine Frequency – NOT Speeds or Levels

There are a few critical pieces on information you need to know when considering vibration machines. We have discussed the importance of the relationship between frequency and amplitude in our earlier article 3 Key Terms to Understand About Vibration Machines. Today we are looking at frequency in more detail in reference to using a pivotal style platform.

In the world of vibration machines, the language of “speed” is measured in Hertz or the movements per seconds the platform is moving you up and down. If you were to get into your car and your speedometer displayed a range of 0-200 speeds you’d be asking yourself is it miles per hour? Is it kms per hour? If a vibration plate has a display in speeds or levels – it is not defined – you don’t know what you are actually getting as a frequency unless the manufacturer has clearly stated in their specs.

Different frequencies drive a range of different benefits. They key to unlocking certain benefits is ensuring a machine has an adequate frequency range. On a pivotal style vibration machine, frequencies above 18 hertz are critical to achieve some of the known researched and advertised benefits associated with whole body vibration.

Today I want to demonstrate this common misrepresentation and help you be aware of some things you need to verify when comparing machines. Don’t be swayed to buy a machine because it has multi movements or other so called “fancy” features. The basics are simple once understood anything else is a gimmick.

Click the image below to watch my video where I test different “speed” levels on a basic mass market machine to demonstrate the inaccuracy that plagues the vibration machine industry and can even effects poor outcomes in some of the studies where researchers do not know these factors need to be validated to ensure accurate frequency is being used.

A little homework goes a long way and I caution you to ensure you are dealing with a company that offers this information openly. If they do not know the frequency range or cannot tell you – why not?  What are they hiding? If you cannot verify the frequency range you should be a little hesitant to pull out the credit card and dig deeper.

We are here are a resource and can offer our expertise should you require more help in selecting a proper vibration machine for your goals. I offer training support should you be looking for one on one guidance one you’ve made a decision.


Until next week keep safe,

Deb Pelletier

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