How to Use

How to Use and How to Get More Help

Some Vibration Machine Brands offer training and support tools so first check with the manufacturer of your machine to see what resources are available to you. If you did not purchase directly through a manufacturer check with the retailer or the sales rep that sold you the machine for these resources.

Want More Help?

If you are dealing with a medical issue or just want personal guidance for you or your business use, we are available via consultation for support for you or your care providers.

WBV Training Support

Using a vibration machine effectively is as important as the machine you select. Whether you are dealing with a medical concern or just looking for a good fitness program many using vibration machines are looking for training support and most companies selling these machines provide little more than an operation manual.

If you are looking for personal or business training, we offer virtual training support and a variety or programs/protocols tailored to suits your needs. We bring over 10 years of whole body vibration training experience and can support you with any kind of vibration machine, in any environment for a variety of applications.

Our Trainer

Debby Pelletier has specialized in Whole Body Vibration for over a decade.

As a Certified Master Trainer with VibroGym International (Form Power Plater) and a Master Trainer with Hypervibe Global she is well versed in both Vertical and Pivotal movement styles. Starting originally as a WBV Studio owner over 12 years ago she offers training support to variety of users worldwide in both fitness and medical settings.

Training Support Options

Personal/Business Consultation

Why not get to know us better? There is no cost in talking with one of our consultants. We offer a 15 minute no obligation over the phone discussion to assess your needs and type of vibration machine you are using.

If you are currently researching vibration machines, we can help offer recommendations based on your current health, training goals, location and budget.

If you own a machine now and are just looking for one on one guidance, consider a One Time Session or Personal Training Plan with Debby.

One Time Training Session

If you already own a vibration machine and simply want an overview of how to use it effectively, we offer a 1-hour crash course and demo session via telephone. You will need to be by your equipment and ready to use for this session. $99 USD.

Personal Training Plan

One month (4 calls) of weekly 30-minute calls to outline goals and identify any medical concerns. Together we will develop a suitable program for your ongoing home use. $199 USD.

Book a 30 minute at any time to discuss additional needs, new medical concerns or if you just need more support. Calls are by appointment after initial training plan has been outlined for $39 USD.

Professional Resources

One time and ongoing training support is available for medical professionals, businesses and care providers using vibration machines in medical and wellness environments.

From protocols to pricing give your clients better results in less time while gaining more revenue for your business.

Our Trainer can offer cross technology support if you are using WBV in compliment with other wellness or medical treatments. A vibration machine can be a catalyst, it can better prepare the body for other treatments often increasing effectiveness. It’s equal capable of accelerating recovery, offering even more benefits post treatment.

Book a no obligation consultation and together we can determine the best compliment in equipment and support resources required for your clientele and team members.