Using a Vibration Machine with Special Needs

Using a Vibration Machine with Special Needs

Over the years I have supported a variety of people looking to use vibration machines as a means of therapeutic exercise. Some have medical conditions, some use for recovery others were drawn to the ease of use and effectiveness the machines claim.

Vibration therapy and exercise has grown in popularity and machines are more commonly being recommended or used in medical settings. Even though whole body vibration has been around since the late 60s, there is huge a disconnect as to how to use one and where to get guidance.

I’m not getting into a lot of detail here as to “How WBV Works” but will focus more today on why they are something you absolutely need to research and consider for home use.


Fact is a vibration machine is simply an environment. One that makes traditional exercise positions easier to perform and if using a proper machine, has the potential to offer additional benefits not always possible with other activities. For those with limited or no mobility it can be a highly effective tool to improve strength, bone density, lymph and blood flow. It even offers neurological gains (will elaborate in future articles).

What positions or program you should be doing on a vibration plate is ideally best directed by your PT or Qualified Trainer.  Someone who understands and is familiar with your needs and limitations. You may have a routine now that could be used as a format and simply “convert” those positions onto the environment the machine offers.  If unable to bear weight just resting feet on the plate in a seated position can be a starting point. (See our other article about How to Use in a Seated Position)

Whole Body Vibration doesn’t need to be a separate therapy or activity to be done on top of what you are already doing (or supposed to be doing).  It can be used as a primary activity or in compliment with other modalities to ramp up the overall effects to achieve optimal outcomes.  It is non-invasive and can be utilized by almost anyone.

Seek guidance from care providers experienced whole body vibration when dealing with medical concerns. I offer virtual support if you do no have access to someone in your area or if you are a care provider looking to learn more.

My email is if you would like more info about how to arrange a call with me.


Stay Healthy Out There

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