Think Vibration Machines Are a New Trend? Meet Vintage Vibe!

ToneAll Corporation LTD Paris Ontario Canada

Think Vibration Machines Are a New Trend? Meet Vintage Vibe!

Vibration as a healing modality has been around since early times in Egypt where copper or zinc rods were used to enhance and harmonize energy flow. Fast forwarding to the last century where numerous inventions for health or fitness have left us wishing for or wondering about the benefits.

Whole body vibration in it’s form today has scientific support dating back as far as the 60s. Some of the pioneering machines are now seen only in pictures or the studies online.

In searching for some used machines online, I came across an ad on a popular used site for a very old vibration machine. Certainly not one I was familiar with or had seen before. What a rare find it’s 50+ years old and was made in Canada!

Meet the Tone-All Circa 1967? I found an old US patent registration for ToneAll Corp Ltd Nov 21 1967. Peter picked this beauty up in St. Catharines about 8 years ago. The fellow that sold it to us said his grandmother owned it… his grandparents were tobacco farmers in Vitoria ON she used it most every day, was an active gardener and it helped her keep mobile well into her 90’s.

The Tone-All at first glance looks like an antique weight scale.  It’s vintage old school controls looking more like old radio dials or something you’d see on MASH “Radar Radar” lol.

Its not a huge machine but heavy! Think the plate that you stand on is made of lead it’s been covered w a piece of carpet by the previous owner. Its puts out a” buzz” feeling, would classify as a vertical machine high frequency and very low displacement. Thinking it’s just a motor with a little counterweight causing that “buzz”. 

This Tone-All even came with it’s original exercise chart held in front of the machine on a chrome stand. You just don’t see things made this way anymore. It was quite validating seeing and later experiencing  this solid example of innovative technology engineered long before I was even talking my first steps…

I get a little passionate about the healing capacity of these machines and to see one withstand the better of 50 yrs use filled my heart with joy in looking forward to where I may be after using for the same amount of time… 14 years and counting.

If you have a “Vintage Vibe” machine post a pic with a story and share we’d love to see what’s out there.


Debby Pelletier

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