Stuck at Home? Don’t Just Sit – Get Fit!

Stuck at Home? Don’t Just Sit – Get Fit!

Many of us have found ourselves close to home this past couple weeks and it seems we should plan for more time at home in the coming months. Being cooped up we often do less, eat more and generally lose sense all sense of a routine.  We can become depressed, fatigued and it’s easy to lose any motivation to stay active.

Before surrendering to the sofa or getting lost in emails, challenge yourself and others in the house to incorporate some basic activity. Simple stuff like climbing the stairs a couple times for every hour of sitting, a few toe touches before sitting down to dinner. Compare who stuck with it over the day and earns the remote control for the night…

We all know we need to stay active to stay healthy, common sense not elaborating on that here there are enough articles out there discussing that lol… for many of us the REAL HARD PART is sparking the motivation and forming of the habit to stick with it.

I can’t stress enough to keep it simple and within your ability. Don’t beat yourself up if it wasn’t a 20-minute cardio sweat fest. Lift your feet off the floor and hold them in the air for 5 seconds if that’s all you can do… just try and do what you can… For those of you here using Vibration Machines, a minute or two whenever you feel sluggish will go a long way. Join me on our Face Book page for short sessions to help keep you on track even if you don’t yet own a vibration plate you can join along and do our routines on the floor.

With all the recent pandemic news on our mind it’s easy to feel defeated, keeping yourself moving even minimally contributes to keeping your immune system healthy too. WHEN WE MOVE LYMPH MOVES that simple. Help your body rid itself of toxins and keep your immune system fit too!

Take this time and invest back in your family’s health. Get moving, make healthy nutrition choices where you can, look into detoxification and don’t give into the negative emotions.

Because I’m focused on my own immunity for the past couple weeks I’ve been combining my whole body vibration with an ion detox footbath by Healthier Living for You. Using your vibe combined with a cleanse will help ramp up the results of both, one being a catalyst for the other to a degree. More articles to share coming soon as I work through that process.

Reach out for more info we have some limited time offers we’d be happy to share with you!

Stay healthy out there everyone!

Deb Pelletier

Vibration Guide

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