Stuck at Home and I Can’t Stop Eating!

Stuck at Home and I Can’t Stop Eating!

It’s almost Easter and unlike past years I suspect many of us will find ourselves closer to home with less guests around the table this year for a big dinner.

I for one still have plans for a big feed on Sunday and an egg hunt for the kids. My daughter is asking me how the Easter Bunny will manage with everything being “locked down”. I’ve assured her that her will work his magic and make his annual appearance as he is healthy and ready to do his thing.

Easter treats aside I for one have found myself consuming more than my share of what is supposed to be my “stash” of food for this extended time at home. I CAN’T STOP EATING and when I’m not eating I’m thinking about what I want to make and then eat… I’m sure some of you find yourself in the same cupboard with me…

Having the kids at home has really thrown the routine out the window and I’m trying my best not to let the eating out of boredom be a new family pastime lol. Here’s a few tips from my house to help keep a healthy balance while cooped up at home:

  • Keep Hydration up – Have water ready and accessible. I’ve been filling the kids regular school water bottles and putting then in the fridge at night. I’m a big fan of alkaline water and use a AlkaPitcher from HL4Y. It’s an easy system for the whole family and keeping it filled is on the kid’s chores list…
  • Prepare Snacks in Advance – Cutting up some fresh fruits and veggies makes helps with healthier choices and I am less interrupted with “I’m hungry” between meals. The hubby and kids can grab something to fill the void and are less likely to grab junk if they don’t have prepare anything. I’ve had wraps or a salad ready for lunch and try to keep eating time on a regular schedule. Routine is important for them and helps me keep my own time organized.
  • Make Gym Class Mandatory – Every day I’m putting aside a couple of 30 – 45 mins breaks where we all do something. We of course we have been vibing daily but getting outside for a walk around the neighborhood or running homemade boats in the melting snow running down the street has been some simple fun and good activity for all of us.

Above all don’t beat yourself up if you’ve been overindulging a bit. Stressful times and overeating have gone hand in hand for generations. Be aware of it and take little steps towards better habits where you can.  Keep moving to aid in keeping energy levels up, aches and pains down and we’ll have some feel good ideas for your vibration machine as always on Friday’s on our YouTube and Facebook page.

Stay healthy and be kind to yourself,

Deb Pelletier

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