T Zone VT20

Rating: Home

Design: Standard

Technology: Pivotal >> Low Frequency

Brand/Model: T-Zone >> VT-20

Specifications Advertised Confirmed
Frequency 3-15Hz Yes
Amplitude 10mm Max Yes
G Force 5g Yes

Source: T Zone VT-20 – Vibration Analysis Report – Vibtech Analysis Ltd







If you read my story, you’ll see that I was first introduced to Whole Body Vibration in Canada via a the T Zone brand. The T Zone VT20 is a low frequency, pivotal machine, a cosmetically enhanced version of the Chinese private labelled Crazy Fit. This type of machine is one of the earliest Chinese fake Whole Body Vibration machines, where they advertise to have all of the benefits of scientifically proven products, but have significantly weaker specifications. People will feel some immediate effects associated with the massage these machines provide, but with no other machine to compare, people are unaware of the deep activation of the muscles and neurological stimulation that the real technology provides. The market value of machines like these is no more than a few hundred dollars, but are sold at over $2000 via T Zone, the price is the real rip off when it comes to the VT-20. Due to the excessive price and limited benefits of the T Zone VT20, I do not recommend this machine for the greater range of benefits.


The VT20 scored a total of 25 points on the Performance badge. The VT20 is limited to a very low G level due to its low frequency range only, both of these factors mean that the vT20 is very limited in benefits. The VT20 does not show frequency on the control panel, just speed levels.

  • 10 points were awarded for a maximum G force of 5g’s
  • 0 points were awarded for a high frequency capacity
  • 10 points were awarded for a low frequency capacity
  • 0 points were awarded for an accurate frequency display
  • 5 points were awarded for the platform size



The T Zone brand has not been studied and therefore no research has been performed on the VT20 model.

  • 0 points were awarded for the performance pass
  • 0 points were awarded for a research proven brand
  • 0 points were awarded for a research proven model



T Zone scores 32 points and fails on the Company badge due numerous false information published in their advertising. They publish false information about human tolerance to G force, reference Power Plate studies as proof that their technology works while also suggesting Power Plate is dangerous. Since T Zone is a variation of a private labelled machine, zero points were given for innovation. We could find no evidence of any charitable donations or charity programs by T Zone.

  • 10 points were deducted for false information about the product
  • 10 points were deducted for false information about the technology
  • 12 points were awarded for 12 years in business
  • 0 points were awarded for innovative features
  • 0 points were awarded for charity



The VT20 scored only 13 on the Warranty badge, mostly due to the failing of the Company badge. The reason that the Company badge is so important to the Warranty badge, is because product warranty is only as good as the company behind it. The VT20 has a 1 year warranty on labour, 2 year warranty on parts and 5 year warranty on the motor. There are no returns, purchases are final. The V20 is serviced by return to a service center or dealer, and while parts are available under warranty, I was not able to purchase parts after warranty.

  • 0 points were awarded for a Company pass
  • 8 points were awarded for warranty
  • 0 point were awarded for the returns policy
  • 5 points were awarded for parts availability
  • 0 points were awarded for servicing onsite



The VT20 support program is average, it scores a 20 and a fail on the Support badge. There is no personalised support offering, and no courses or workshops. The online resources consist of an assembly video, and some exercise video tips on their website. A lengthy but low quality manual is provided in the box. T Zone have a business hours phone number, no live chat and are not very active on social media. The companies focus has moved on to a wide variety of other unrelated products.

  • 10 points were awarded for online training resources.
  • 5 points were awarded for “in the box” support.
  • 5 points were awarded for communication.