Power Plate My5

Rating: Home

Design: Standard

Technology: Lineal >> Full Range

Brand/Model: Power Plate >> My5

Specifications Advertised Confirmed
Frequency 35Hz Yes
Amplitude Not Advertised 1-2mm
G force Not advertised 4g Maximum

Source: Vibration Analysis Report – Alstom MSC







The My5 by Power Plate is a very basic lineal machine that comes with a large price tag due to the Power Plate name. It only has very limited control options, and is much lower powered than their large commercial machines. This fact is important, because Power Plate fail to differentiate between their models and the differences in outcomes you might expect from them. For example, several studies have shown that increasing the G force, increases muscle activation, and therefore I feel that it is a little misleading to make no effort to distinguish this difference in the marketing for the My5. Overall, the My5 would be best suited to elderly users, or for those with medical goals rather than fitness goals.


The My5 scored a total of 46 points, meaning it just fails on the Performance badge. The My5 is limited to fairly low G levels due to a maximum and single frequency option of 35Hz only. There is no ability to increase or decrease the frequency on the machine, just a low amplitude or a high amplitude option. It was classed as a full range lineal machine, which requires both amplitudes below 2mm and also above 2mm.

  • 10 points were awarded for a maximum G force of 5g’s
  • 20 points were awarded for a high frequency capacity
  • 0 points were awarded for a low frequency capacity
  • 10 points were awarded for an accurate frequency display
  • 6 points were awarded for the platform size


The Power Plate brand has been studied quite extensively but I am unaware of any studies using the My5 specifically. Therefore, since the My5 did not pass the Performance badge, the My5 was awarded 10 points and a fail for the Science badge.

  • 0 points were awarded for the performance pass
  • 10 points were awarded for a research proven brand
  • 0 points were awarded for a research proven model


Power Plate as a brand has a chequered history. The brand started in The Netherlands in 1999, and was a more powerful steel machine, made in The Netherlands. Around 2004 that company was split, and the original Power Plate was rebranded as VibroGym, the name Power Plate was taken to Chinese manufacturers and attached to the fibreglass design of today. The company has had a number of large legal battles and went insolvent in 2012, it was relaunched the same year under Performance Health systems thus we have attributed their company age as 6 years old. Power Plate only just failed the company test with a score of 50, most losses came through failing to advertise specifications, and various false advertising claims, such as being the only company with medical device certification (see Galileo, VibroGym and more), and advertising that their multi-directional vibration is patented (all machines produce multi-directional vibration). I have seen some evidence of Performance Health Systems giving equipment to a charitable cause, so they earned 10 points for this.

  • 15 points were awarded for integrity
  • 6 points were awarded for years in business
  • 10 points were awarded for innovation
  • 10 points were awarded for charity


The My5 scored 77 on the Warranty badge, it has a 2 year warranty on labour, parts and motor, and a 30 day returns policy with shipping and restocking fees. Power Plate appear to have good supply of spare parts, and ability to service equipment on-site.

  • 0 points were awarded for a Company pass
  • 2 points were awarded for the labour warranty
  • 2 points were awarded for the parts warranty
  • 2 points were awarded for the motor warranty
  • 1 point was awarded for the returns policy
  • 10 points were awarded for parts availability
  • 10 points were awarded for servicing onsite


The My5 has a solid support program and passed easily with a score of 65. Power Plate have excellent online resources, including many video workouts and tips. The “in the box” content consists of a user manual, and training guide. Power Plate are the only company who are actively running courses and workshops consistently. You can reach Power Plate via their website live chat, business hours phone number and their social pages are active.

  • 20 points were awarded for online training resources.
  • 10 points were awarded for “in the box” support.
  • 20 points were awarded for courses & workshops.
  • 15 points were awarded for communication.