Froothie VibroFit Pro

Rating: Home

Design: Portable

Technology: Pivotal >> Low Frequency

Brand/Model: Froothie >> Vibrofit

Specifications Advertised Confirmed
Frequency 5-12Hz 5-11Hz
Amplitude 16mm max 10mm
G Force Not advertised 3g

Source: Vibration Analysis Report – Vipac Engineers & Scientists Limited







The VibroFit Pro is a privately labeled, low frequency, pivotal motion, Chinese designed vibration machine. These type of vibration machines are not a true representation of Whole Body Vibration. Unfortunately due to their low cost, a lot of people focused on price point and advertised discounts, never experience the true benefits of the real technology. That being said, there are a small number of benefits to using a machine like this,  such as improved balance and blood circulation. I would not recommend the VibroFit Pro for fitness and medical benefits, despite the companies advertising.


The VibroFit Pro scored a total of 22 points, making it a fail on the Performance badge. The VibroFit Pro is a low frequency pivotal motion machine, this Chinese design is sold under several different brand names. The frequency range is from 5 to 11Hz, which is not displayed on the control panel, only 1-99 “speed levels”.

  • 6 points were awarded for a maximum G force of 3g’s
  • 0 points were awarded for a high frequency capacity
  • 10 points were awarded for a low frequency capacity
  • 0 points were awarded for an accurate frequency display
  • 6 points were awarded for the platform size



The VibroFit Pro, has not been used in scientific research, therefore, the VibroFit Pro failed the Science badge with a score of 0.

  • 0 points were awarded for the performance pass
  • 0 points were awarded for a research proven brand
  • 0 points were awarded for a research proven model



Froothie scored 26 on the Company badge, giving them a fail. Froothie do not advertise their G force, and the listed amplitude is incorrect. Froothie advertise incorrect information about the product (e.g. claim same benefits as high G machines) and incorrect information about the technology (e.g. compare it is cardiovascular exercise).  There is no innovation from Froothie, they are simply an importer of a Chinese private labelled product, operating since 2012 but only selling WBV since 2016. There is no charitable program advertised on the Froothie website, nor could we find any examples of this.

  • 20 points were awarded for integrity
  • 6 points were awarded for 6 years in business
  • 0 points were awarded for innovation
  • 0 points were awarded for charity



The VibroFit Pro fails the Warranty Badge due to also failing the Company badge, with a score of 12. As explained in our methodology, a warranty is only as good as the company behind it, and with all the false advertising on the Froothie site, suggests a company without integrity. The VibroFit Pro has a standard 3 year warranty, but you have to return your machine for warranty purposes and pay for the shipping! There is no returns policy advertised. Forget about spare parts for a machine like this, and no on-site servicing support.

  • 0 points were awarded for a Company pass
  • 9 points were awarded for the warranty
  • 3 points were awarded for the returns policy
  • 0 points were awarded for parts availability
  • 0 points were awarded for servicing on-site



The VibroFit has no real support, scoring 20 and thus failing the Support badge. Online training resources consist of some low quality workout videos. There is no personal support, or courses/workshops are available. The machine comes with a basic user manual but not worthy of any points. Froothie advertise a phone number on their website, and are active on social media, and have a live chat option on the website.

  • 0 points were awarded for personal support
  • 5 points were awarded for online training resources.
  • 0 points were awarded for “in the box” support.
  • 0 points were awarded for courses & workshops.
  • 15 points were awarded for communication.