Ultraslim Fitpal

Rating: Home

Design: Portable

Technology: Pivotal >> Low Frequency

Brand/Model: Fitpal >> Ultraslim

Specifications Advertised Confirmed
Frequency Not advertised 5-12Hz
Amplitude Not advertised 12mm
G Force Not advertised 3g

Source: Vibration Analysis Report – Vipac Engineers & Scientists Limited







The Ultraslim is a privately labeled, low frequency, pivotal motion, Chinese designed vibration machine. These type of vibration machines are not a true representation of Whole Body Vibration. Unfortunately, a lot of people focused on price point and advertised discounts, never experience the true benefits of the real technology. That being said, there are a small number of benefits to using a machine like this,  such as improved balance and blood circulation. I would not recommend the VibroFit Pro for fitness and medical benefits, despite this “bargain basement” type companies advertising.


The Ultraslim scored a total of 20 points, making it a fail on the Performance badge. The Ultraslim is a low frequency pivotal machine, which can be found sold under several different brand names. The frequency range is from 8 to 12Hz, which is not displayed on the control panel, only speed levels.

  • 4 points were awarded for a maximum G force of 2g’s
  • 0 points were awarded for a high frequency capacity
  • 10 points were awarded for a low frequency capacity
  • 0 points were awarded for an accurate frequency display
  • 6 points were awarded for the platform size



The Ultraslim, has not been used in scientific research, therefore, the Ultraslim failed the Science badge with a score of 0.

  • 0 points were awarded for the performance pass
  • 0 points were awarded for a research proven brand
  • 0 points were awarded for a research proven model



D Shop scored 32 on the Company badge, giving them a fail. D Shop do not advertise their frequency or G force, and the listed amplitude is incorrect. D Shop advertise incorrect information about the product (e.g. claim same benefits as high G machines) and incorrect information about the technology (e.g. claim same benefits 1 hour in the gym).  There is no innovation from D Shop, they are simply an importer of a Chinese private labelled product, operating since 2002 but selling WBV from 2015 only. There is no charitable program advertised on the D Shop website, nor could we find any examples of this.

  • 15 points were awarded for integrity
  • 17 points were awarded for 17 years in business
  • 0 points were awarded for innovation
  • 0 points were awarded for charity



The Ultraslim fails the Warranty Badge due to also failing the Company badge, with a score of 1. As explained in our methodology, a warranty is only as good as the company behind it, and with all the false advertising on the D Shop site, suggests a company without integrity. The D shop has a standard 1 year warranty, but you have to return your machine for warranty purposes and pay for the shipping! There is no returns policy advertised. Forget about spare parts for a machine like this, and no on-site servicing support.

  • 0 points were awarded for a Company pass
  • 1 points were awarded for the warranty
  • 0 points were awarded for the returns policy
  • 0 points were awarded for parts availability
  • 0 points were awarded for servicing on-site



The Ultraslim has no real support, scoring 5 and thus failing the Support badge. No personal support, online training resources, or courses/workshops are available. The machine comes with a basic user manual but not worthy of any points. D Shop don’t advertise a phone number on their website, are not active on social media, but have a live chat option on the website.

  • 0 points were awarded for personal support
  • 0 points were awarded for online training resources.
  • 0 points were awarded for “in the box” support.
  • 0 points were awarded for courses & workshops.
  • 5 points were awarded for communication.