Discount Websites

Some years ago I watched as a number of supposedly unbiased review websites started to appear, attracting people by guaranteeing best prices, and heavy discounts. Being an industry insider, I got to know some of the characters behind these websites, and I can tell you that they are anything but unbiased, and the reviews can be very misleading and often have incorrect details.


Here is how it works…


1) Contact different brand suppliers and negotiate a deal for commission on sales on their products


2) Create a shopping website with fake reviews on it (many of these sites have not even tried the products they review)


3) Give good reviews on all products, but best reviews to the products that make highest sales commission


4) When a visitor who has already decided what machine they want to purchase makes contact, sell them that machine at a discount, or if that supplier has not agreed to pay sales commission, try to convert them to a machine that makes the highest sales commission.


5) When a visitor has not decided what machine they want to purchase makes contact, sell them a machine that makes the highest sales commission.


Below are just a couple of samples of basic errors from such websites. It is sad to think that people put their health in their hands.

In the below table from the (nameless and faceless) owner of site, gives the following information about the benefits from each type of machine, followed by his product recommendation. There is almost nothing in this table that could be supported by scientific evidence, it is simply all made up and presented as facts.

Table of health benefits and recommended machine from


For example, there is simply no supporting scientific evidence for using dual mode vibration machines at all, a single study on this technology showed no increase in muscle activation from the “spiral” mode. Furthermore, the Sonic technology that gets the highest ratings here, is simply a Lineal (referred here as Triplanar) vibration, using magnetic coils to drive the platform instead of a motor. There is no real basis to separate the two, but it is worth noting that there is almost no research performed on Sonic machines, so again, none of the below benefit claims have any basis, they are just made up.

How do you know who is telling the truth here?

Simple… Ask these guys for a study showing the dual vibration is “Excellent” for weight loss. Or a study confirming that Sonic is the best machine for reducing pain.

Be sure to let me know if you get a reply on this, I’ll happily critique their reply for you.

The website is another example where you will find similar information on dual mode and sonic type machines, and guaranteed lowest prices, so I won’t bore you with the details. However, here is just another example of very poor information, and it is no wonder people find it so difficult to understand the products out there. The below options are shown on the website for different vibration types.

If you read my Technology page, you will learn that there are only really 2 main types, Pivotal and Lineal.

Here we find 6 types listed, but Oscillating and Pivotal are the same thing. Likewise, Sonic, Linear and Triplanar are also all the same thing too, only that sonic does not use a motor.

Spiral can be included there as the 3rd option, but anyone who has done any serious research on this technology would not promote it.