Peter’s Story


I live in Hamilton Ontario Canada, born and raised herein the “Hammer”. Originally a steel town, now evolving into a high tech medical community, where I now boast the country’s largest collection of vibration machines! Working from my home office and showroom for 10 years has been a life changing experience; one never knows what opportunities lay ahead, unless you keep an open eye and mind. It’s been quite a journey navigating through all there is to learn of whole body vibration. So when people tell me how confusing it is for them, I get it! Been there too… But, I stuck to it and learned a lot that I hope others will benefit from, hence the launch of this new site!

I first heard of whole body vibration back in 2008, Canada was just going into the last recession and I had just been let go from a management roll of a company that was planning on closing their doors. My significant other had been in a serious car accident then too, going for therapy is where she experienced first-hand the therapeutic benefits of this still unheard of technology. She would come home raving of the sensations, and me, being the sceptic would ask “So how was your jiggle session today?”.

Little at the time did I know, how her experience would change my life too. She was adamant that we had to own one of these machines, so she would not be without, after the therapy was over. I agreed to join her and visit the clinic, see the machine and try it out for myself too. After making the appointment, and waiting patiently for the room and machine to be free, I step onto my fist ever, vibration machine… and wow! The feeling got my attention and a light came on! Why have I never heard of this before? Why has no one ever brought this up before? Not even on TV! We asked the clinic about purchasing one, they gave us the company contact and I made the call to him that same afternoon once back home.

Keep in mind here, that I had become recently unemployed… and looking, looking at what I might be interested in doing in this next chapter of life.

When the company rep called, he had informed us that he would be in the area that coming week-end on another delivery, I made the purchase right there on the phone and we patiently waited for his arrival in the days to follow.  Once he and our latest purchase arrived, I help him set it up and asked a lot of questions… he quickly caught on to my keen interest, and then said…. “You know, we are looking for a representative in this area, would this be something of interest to you?”  Well… heck yah! Sign me up!

And so… it began, I had my next venture in hand… now what to do?

That following week I made the trip to down-town Toronto and the offices of T-Zone Health. My new friend greeted me at the door and we proceeded to tour the offices, a showroom in development and the service/shipping area and staff. Everyone there was friendly and patient with me and my curiosity. I learned that this location was the main offices for also other interests of the company principal, someone I would also meet weeks later. After a couple hours I thanked my host for the tour and headed back into traffic and my trip home.

Eager to get started, I began talking about my latest discovery with everyone and anyone… to no surprise, nobody had never heard of a vibration machine before.  Those whose curiosity got the better of them, agreed to visit, see, and experience this latest technology in wellness & fitness. Well the orders soon began, and off I was with a new business venture!

I later learned of this company’s next business model, the concept of studio’s with multiple machines, for the general public to rent time on, during their busy days! What a great idea!

Some months earlier I had registered for a government funded business course, as had 100’s of others. To progress, we each had to submit a business idea; something I had not just yet figured out at the time, but knew I would come up with something when the time came. Now I could see it, I had my business model for that business course! Man I love it when a plan comes together! I got so pumped on this new venture, and the possibilities of opening a number of these T-Zone Studios, just like many others around the same time. It was spreading like wild fire across the country, I would learn during my dinner meeting with the company principal, the rep, and a couple of others.

I believe it was about 2 weeks later that news had come, and to my surprise, my business idea had been accepted! Wow! This now narrowed the field of participants down to only a few dozen, all competing for the final group of course participants. My appointment was booked to present to a panel of judges… I knew what had to happen beside the usual boring stand in front of the panel, talk and point at a display of some kind. I would bring a machine with me and get these judges onto it! And that’s exactly what I did! This sombre group of “stuffies” were rolling about the place as they watched each other get on! What a blast! They were all laughing and joking as each had their chance to jiggling about, and saying wow! That feels pretty good!

Well, I’m sure you can guess what happen after that… the call came, my idea of opening vibration studios was a hit, “you’ve been accepted for the course”.  I would be paid by our government to complete this course, perfect my business model, and launch my new business model in the near future! It was a great group of people; we met weekly over that summer. 

The biggest lesson I learned from that course came one day during a session,  it would play a significant part of my new venture moving forward, and would alter my course, which today I am very grateful for. The lesson… the instructor had brought to our attention not to rely on a single supplier.  What? But in my model there was only one supplier…. So I had thought. You see, up until that time I had thought, that T-Zone had invented whole body vibration! It had been presented to me that way, the owner of the company even presented himself as the developer of the machines.

Later that afternoon when I returned home, I quickly went to my desk, turned on my computer and Googled “whole body vibration” then Boom! The world of vibration opened up, right then and there in front of me… I was glued to my desk and screen for hours that night. I had no idea! Keep in mind this was a decade ago… there was a lot to see even back then. I continued the course as planned, but now began to question myself about the business model. Is this the best product line to use? Should I continue as planned? Do I really want to commit to a studio business? My “bat senses” were definitely tingling. Well I finished the course, passed with flying colours and continued my research into the depths of this new world still to me, of whole body vibration.

Over the weeks and months to follow I continued my research… now, when I say research, I mean hours at end, sleeves rolled up focused research. Typing and talking to people all around the world. I had a way of getting myself a front row seat with the principals of many companies, along with professionals in health, wellness and fitness that were well adapted to this modality. During this time I came across one particularly interesting and helpful individual in Australia. Europe and Australia were, and still are, light years ahead of us here in North America with this technology. This gentleman, his name is Glenn Ruscoe, a physiotherapist,  would steer me in the right direction over the emails we would share… you see, I quickly learned, that not all machines are created equal.

Glenn Ruscoe with the Galileo

I would also learn that he was one of the leading authorities of vibration therapy in Australia, and the machines he used made by the real inventors of the technology, Novotec Medical from Germany. Novotec manufacture the Galileo brand, the most scientifically proven brand in the world, and it is thanks to Galileo that you have discovered the technology (even if it was another brand) and found my website today.

Other brands may quote the science from vibration literature however; results from one system cannot be implied to another since the parameters of vibration can differ.

Now that I was armed with some very powerful facts! And having personally invested in, and then experienced this industry leading high energy platform …. I refer to it as the “WOW” experience.  And it was time to search out who was distributing Galileo in North America. Again I was able to source this out quickly, and had the opportunity to again speak with the principal of this company; Orthometrix Inc. in White Plains N.Y. Reynald Bonmati would too become a mentor and business associate, as he would then bring to my attention that the Canadian representative was considering to move on. This would lead to an introduction and then soon to follow, the purchase of her business based in Calgary Alberta, Motion Health. To this day I’ve remained a referral agent for this German product line Galileo, I don’t stock the machines… nor do I have any interest even if I could. I do have a Galileo Fit model in my showroom for people to experience, it’s the first machine I put everyone on. I’ll introduce it as the “pinnacle of the industry”, I want them to use this experience as a measuring stick. I will tell all, if you cannot experience the same sensations from any other machine here, within my collection, or anywhere else for that matter… you will not achieve the same results…. Period.

Now, you’re probably wondering why just a referral agent and not stocking for sales…  well, these are very costly precision instruments. Beginning at € 3,599 euros and up!

Me in my original showroom, with a new Galileo, the garage at my home at the time!

I was surprised that it came all the way from Germany in this basic cardboard box. Here’s what was inside.

Most that I speak with, or meet have never heard of Galileo, still to this day.

After some more time, and continuing my research, I reached out once again to Glenn Ruscoe in Australia, I typed the following; “Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a machine that would perform like our Galileo’s, but at a more affordable price?”

Later the reply would come… “Peter, there is a company here in Australia that I’ve just begun working with, Hypervibe” He went on to say how impressed he was with their machine.

I found that this brand was already sold in Canada, and so reached out to the distributor in Alberta, and a short time later I tried a Hypervibe. Glenn’s information turned out to be just as valuable to me as the information he provided to me about Galileo, the Hypervibe wasn’t as pretty or quite as powerful as the Galileo, but it was a very close 2nd place, and with a price tag that was within the same ball park as the T Zone machines I had been selling before. To date, there is no other machine that I am aware of that comes close to the Galileo.

Before long I also became an agent for Hypervibe in Ontario, formed great relationships with others in the industry, and learnt a lot about the other technology I was less familiar with, vertical vibration. Debby Pelletier, is an accredited Power Plate instructor, and had run a studio outside of Calgary with the original vertical type, Power Plate machines (later known as VibroGym). Through Debby I also met with Dr Jasper Sidhu, a founder of WAVE, yet another manufacturer of vertical vibration type equipment.

Canfit Pro 2013: Myself, Dr Jasper Sidhu (former founder of WAVE), and Debby Pelletier (former distributor for Hypervibe)

Power Plate instructor Debby Pelletier with the original Power Plate (VibroGym)

Moving right along… With an onslaught of what I’ll now introduce as low energy or recreational “privately labeled basic Asian designs”, these machines have been the root causes of misconceptions. Many have been misled that these cheap knock off machines will accomplish the same results as the machines used in supporting global research.

This now brings me to the reason this website was launch.

We’re here to dramatically shorten your learning curve!

A couple of years ago my direct contact with Galileo was lost, as unfortunately Reynald Bonmati of Orthometrix passed away, and more recently Debby Pelletier closed down her studio and is no longer the Canada distributor for Hypervibe, so it is time for new beginnings. 

If you haven’t gathered already, I am a major advocate and enthusiast of WBV, I have seen it transform people’s lives. I converted my garage into a showroom and you might say a museum of WBV machines. I have made a business in purchasing 2nd hand machines, sometimes repairing them, and then reselling them. I hope to expand this business via this website, and act as a broker for 2nd hand machines between buyers and sellers, while also providing free advice. I am based in Canada, but I have a huge amount of repair experience with just about every machine you can imagine, and industry contacts globally, to help owners with repairs. If you feel my advice on reviews, or repairs has been helpful, there is a donate link at the bottom of this website, and any donations are appreciated and will help me to maintain this website.



Just a sample of some of the I have owned and/or repaired

A vintage vibration machine I found in Toronto

No this is not the same technology!

I’ve recognized the need of an educational portal for the average user, and professional to seek guidance from. With so many different brands marketing themselves as the best. And then there’s the review site…. This is a topic all on its own we will delve into further here on the site. Many people will reach out to these types of sites expecting honest direction addressing their needs. But, I know for a fact, they will be steered to the product that makes the most commission for the so called expert. Not what’s best for the consumer, be it the home user or the medical/fitness professional. I’ve seen many commercial locations, people with good intentions, but they bought and are using the wrong machines. It’s not all their fault, they too put trust in the marketing of a said company or their representatives. My plan here is to remain neutral, listening more to the customers’ needs and of course budgets too. Then doing the best I can to direct them to the best suited products & companies.