Hold on to Each Other – We’re In For a Ride

Hold on to Each Other – We’re In For a Ride

I’ve been struggling with articles the last couple weeks. I feel talking just about how to keep active at home is a little shallow as we are now in a global lock-down since last weeks article… Keeping ourselves both physical and mentally healthy may be more important than ever before. We’re not through this yet.

Every day I wake it seems to a new reality and I see people struggling on so many levels. In one week, things have escalated beyond what I could have ever imagined. I fear and know in my heart that the world as it was and what it will be are going to look very different.

My children have been at home now for almost 2 weeks, they miss their friends and teachers, their routine and don’t completely understand why the world is in panic mode. I try to reassure them but inside feel like a hypocrite, I haven’t lived through an experience like this none of us have! I have no idea what the future holds for them. All I had hoped for their future is now not likely what their reality will be.

Mankind is in survival mode, living in fear wondering how long before we can return to work, how more groceries will be paid for and what will be left on the shelves when we get there. There has never been a time like this before – a global shut-down – and never have we been less self reliant. Most of us do not have true “survival” skills, we don’t stock much more that a weeks worth of goods and without paychecks coming in many families and businesses will never financially recovery from this.

Socially we are separated from our friends and family, no more coffee shops to go have a visit and recharge our spirit, no reassuring hugs or kisses to help us cope with our fears. We need this intimacy, we crave it.  We know how grounding and comforting a big genuine hug can feel, scientifically hugging has a number of health effects.

Hugs can reduce stress, boost our immunity  as well as manage pain and anxiety. When we hug it doesn’t just “feel good”, our oxytocin levels rise. Hugging also stimulates dopamine and serotonin production in the body… all associated with happiness, better sleep, reduces anxiety, blood pressure and the stress hormone norepinephrine. Some scientists say we need up to 12 hugs a day for optimal health.  Source: https://brainfodder.org/science-of-hugging/

For the time being, hold on tight to those at home with you, Face-time or Skype with family or friends and let your kids do the same with their buddies. STAY CONNECTED with people any way you can. Try our best to not let the fear of what will or will not be consume our thoughts (that’s a big ask I know) and try to maintain some positive perspective to keep stress levels down. We know its unhealthy for us and those who are depending on us to get them through this.

Sending all of you you a BIG VIRTUAL HUG

Debby Pelletier

Mom, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, teacher, healer, friend and fellow human trying to navigate life moving forward. XOXOXO

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