Do You Have A Study Proving That? Part 2 – User Stories

Do You Have A Study Proving That? Part 2 – User Stories

Hello there again hope you are enjoing yout weekend so far! I wanted share some great feedback in follow up to our last article Do You Have A Study Proving That Part 1. Here are 2 service providers that use whole body vibration both personally and professionally and some of the reasons they love it!!

Fezia Tyebally

Amirs Gym in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was named in honor of Amir, Co-Founder Fezia Tyebally’s youngest son who has cerebral palsy as a result of a near drowning accident when he was 18 months old. “It is because of Amir, that we have had the privilege to touch the lives of numerous children with cerebral palsy, autism, and other disorders and syndromes.”

Fezia Tyebally is a trained CranioSacral practitioner who completed her Advanced and Pediatric level training with the Upledger Institute, USA. She has also completed a 2 year diploma course in Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy. She specializes in working with adults and children with special needs, but is equally as adept at meeting the muscle, cranial and spinal needs of ordinary or athletic patients.

“It has helped by 23 year old son with Cerebral Palsy, his legs muscle girth increased and he can now sit. I use it too, helped with knee and ankle pain. I love the Galileo Vibration platform.”

Renee Wilson

At age 52, Renee Wilson retired from a 30-year career as a Probation Officer to follow her passion for fitness. She received a diploma from the National Personal Training Institute in Atlanta, Georgia and started Meta-Vibe Morphic Fitness. Rene is now a fitness professional who specializes in helping busy women who don’t have time, and don’t even like going to a gym, achieve their ultimate health goals. Additionally, any individuals who experience aches and pains, be it from an existing health condition, i.e. sciatica, or from an injury, to manage their pain through exercise and whole body vibration.

Renee is an avid tennis player and has personally experienced the many benefits of whole body vibration.  “I can play tennis without wearing knee braces that restrict my ROM! Love my vibration platform!”

I appreciate you investing some time with me to learn more. I hope you find something positive to take away from here today.

Stay Healthy Out There!

Deb Pelletier


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