Do You Have a Study Proving That? Part 1

Do You Have a Study Proving That? Part 1

There are several reasons people explore whole body vibration. As I have discussed in previous articles a proper vibration machine can offer a long list of benefits, many of these benefits are supported by quality research. There are hundreds of published articles validating vibration machines on a variety of topics, but science doesn’t happen overnight. It can take a lot of time and financial resources to conduct just one single study.

I am commonly asked “do you have a study for…” maybe a medical condition or a particular benefit someone is looking for. Let’s use bone density as an example. In today’s world there are a number of studies validating the efficacy of whole body vibration (WBV) and it’s become a popular activity for those with anything from osteoporosis to scoliosis. This is an instance where a simple google search about bone density and WBV will offer a variety of references. 1.9 million references to be precise. This is a common topic of concern people are looking to improve. Research has evolved and is growing as more and more explore this technology.

So what happens when the science doesn’t exist yet? When I can’t provide you a link to an article or published study? Does that mean that because there is no scientific proof that the goals you are looking for won’t be accomplished? Simple answer… no. None of the research existed at one point. This didn’t all just come from theory.

Going back now over a decade ago when I got into WBV there were several common “soft” benefits we noticed as did our clients .  A “soft” benefit is a common improvement or gain associated with these machines that may not have a tonne of supporting study but is experienced commonly by users. Vibration machines have been around a while now and many of the things we experienced back in the day have since been widely experienced and many now validated by the scientific community.

I remember a particular study that was released in 2012 – Whole-body vibration for functional constipation: a single-centre, single-blinded, randomized controlled trial I know I laughed out loud at the time. The number one “soft” benefit we always heard about was a relief of constipation. Our clients were pooping better and more regularly. They were peeing less often as well. It was kind of a studio joke and the reason for a lot of our word of mouth business.

I shared this study on my Facebook page at the time and never had I seen so many comments and shares from not only our clients but people everywhere that were benefiting from the “relief” vibration machines offered.

The point of my rant here today is to say don’t shy away from exploring something further just because it may not be commonly understood. Whole Body Vibration is simply an activity. One that is easily performed by almost anyone. We know the benefits of exercising and being active and don’t need a study to prove that to you.

Practical experience drives my coaching and many of the benefits these machines offer have yet to be understood but everyone.

I will talk further on practical experience in a second article next week and draw on some colleagues to share some additional “soft” benefits I think you will find just make common sense….

Deb Pelletier

Vibration Guide

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