Can I Use a Vibration Machine if I Can’t Stand?

Can I Use a Vibration Machine if I Can’t Stand?

If you are recovering from surgery or a medical issue, we are often advised not to bear weight or perform our regular activities or exercises until you have healed up a bit. Perhaps health issues restrict your mobility, or you suffer from pain and fatigue and it’s difficult to stand for long periods. If for whatever reason you are not able to bear weight or need to limit how much you do it doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot use your vibration machine. You may however need to modify HOW you use it.

Instead of standing, you can start in a seated position by using a chair or counter height stool. Depending on your height the goal is to have your feet on the vibration plate and you sitting on the chair or stool.  This will expose the lower legs without having to support your own. Ideally your legs will be at a 90-degree angle once sitting. As the machine is typically 6-10 inches off the ground adult users may need the taller seat whereas children may be okay with a regular chair.

As you progress in your recovery you can slowly incorporate more body weight and eventually stand up from the stool allowing more weight and activity throughout your body. This can also be a passive way to just relax sore, tired feet and legs after a long day. It’s a great way to use the machine at the office or in a clinic before or after other treatments.

Watch our video – Using a Vibration Machine Seated

If you are currently undergoing any form of recovery and have exercises/stretches you are to be performing at home, I can help you modify those exercises so you can perform them on your machine.  Reduced mobility due to a permanent medical issue often entails the use of supportive aids like body harnesses or lifts. There are ways to incorporate these to enjoy the benefits whole body vibration can offer.

Watch our YouTube Video to see some of these ideas in action along with other tips and setting if you plan to use your machine for non weight-bearing options. I always say that we are only limited by our imagination and our range of motion and I hope to offer you and you family some help on both!


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