Buyer Beware When Price Comparing Vibration Machines

Buyer Beware When Price Comparing Vibration Machines

Some research and a little common sense can go along way when it comes to shopping for a good vibration training platform.  Knowing some basics about this technology will help you spot when that deal is just too good to be true…

There are a lot of ways companies bid for your attention online. Everyone has the best machine or a better price if you buy today – but no pressure… so many sites have gotten into selling vibration machines, but do they know anything at all about whole body vibration? Are they a vibration machine company? Do they offer accurate specifications of their equipment so you can compare? Do they offer training support? What exactly are you getting if you buy their machine?

If you haven’t already done so, do a “Google”  search on “vibration machine” and you’ll see more than a few choices come up. Online retailers are doing their best to sway you to buy their product over the other guys but can do little to tell you how whole body vibration works if you were to ask. I’ll bet even less have every used their machine.

Limited time offers and deep discounts create urgency, making you worry that you’ll miss out.  And sometimes we rush to buy without knowing if it truly is a “good deal” How we shop has changed with the ability to compare most products online. When you know what you’re looking for and have spent some time researching a product, it’s easy to spot a deal because you understand the value of the product.

If you do not have a basic understanding of how a vibration machine actually works and what specifications a machine should have see our other article 3 KEY TERMS TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT A VIBRATION MACHINES before trying to compare machines.

We caution you when simply price shopping online, especially with those deal sites and the end price after discount. Make sure you select a company that can answer your questions and will be there to support you after purchase.


Deb Pelletier

Vibration Guide

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