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Hi, my name is Peter Mueller, based in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. I have dedicated much of the past decade to Whole Body Vibration technology, it is a deep passion of mine. I am proud to own the largest collection of vibration machines in Canada, and quite possibly the world, my showroom is somewhat of a Whole Body Vibration museum. Read more about my story here.

Every machine reviewed on this website has been in my showroom, tried, tested, and often pulled apart. My main business is Buying & Selling used vibration machines, I provide a broker service on used machines all over the world, so if you are wanting to Buy or Sell a used vibration machine, please visit my used machine page here. I am also in the business of repairing vibration machines, and am able to help with a number of different brands. If you are wanting help with a repair, please visit my repair page here.

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